With this 12-week “reboot” we are looking to dig in and take a closer look at your overall health and figure out what it is that may be holding you back to get you on track again? Needing to drop some pounds? Never seem to have enough energy? Dealing with persistent annoying symptoms that don’t seem to go away? Perhaps you have none of the previously listed, but just want to up your game? Then, this package has you covered!


While 12 weeks may seem like a bit much in just 3 short months we will have you well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in a long time! Say good-bye to “yo-yo” diets!


Through this bi-weekly program you will be shown how to attain peak health through concepts and techniques centered toward personalized nutrition, primal exercise movements, lifestyle habits with a little “bio-hacking” thrown in for good measure!


The bottom line is you will learn how to be the best you and transform your life into the one you always dreamed of!


Tune up program at New Leaf Wholistic Health

Your 3-Month Package Includes



6 hours of one-on-one coaching (face-to-face, video chat, and/or over the phone)

Bi-Weekly Follow-Ups

Phone Support where you will have my private number should a quick question arise or you need some advice.

Your own copy of Primal Blueprint’s “21-Day Total Body Transformation”

A "Pantry Purge" Party

Smart Shopping - at the store and/or online

Access to my website where you'll find my "Pick List" of favorite products and services

Discounts on Primal Blueprint supplements, Primal Kitchen items, and books

Discounts on Nutrilite supplements and products

Discounts on doTerra essential oil products

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