Choices, Choices, Choices...


We have at our disposal a myriad of ways to do life in regards to our diet, exercise, stress, and even our sleep. Yet, how are our choices being made? Are they made out of convenience and conventional wisdom?


Unfortunately, what is most expedient or just the way things have always been done is taking an enormous toll on our health, so what is required is a “paradigm shift” in the way we are doing things.


Change can be difficult, but if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then you are probably ready to try just about anything to get your health back, right? The crazy thing is by implementing just the few suggestions below you can, in as little as twenty-one days, start to feel and see a difference!  


So let’s take a look at these different areas of our life and see what we can “tweak” to get back on track again:


  1. Diet – Do you realize that food is the ultimate drug delivery system? Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it is good for us! Therefore, consider by-passing processed foods you find in the center aisles of the grocery store and shop the outer perimeter looking for organic, whole foods instead. The more you prepare your own meals at home from scratch, the better. But if you have to eat out, think salads and/or choice cuts of meat and veggies – not fried fast foods or bread, bread, and more bread!
  2. Exercise – Conventional wisdom tells us that it is all about “calories in/calories out” so to burn off all that pizza you ate the night before you just need to hit the gym extra hard the next day, right? However, research is finding that the days of high-intensity workouts six days a week is actually contributing to our health crisis. Believe it or not, you can obtain better results doing less. So instead consider getting out for a brisk daily walk, doing some body-weight exercises twice a week, and throw in a sprint session (whether on the track or on a machine) every week to ten days to maximize your results!
  3. Stress – Burning the candle at both ends is seen in some arenas as a sign of strength, but at what cost? In addition, sometimes life just happens and we get in a jam regardless of whether it is of our own doing or not. Regardless, to just carry on without an exit plan is a blueprint for burnout! Therefore, listen to your mind and body and create boundaries for yourself and learn to say, “No” for your health’s sake!
  4. Sleep – Operating on four to five hours of sleep and just drinking a pot of coffee or downing an energy drink or two to get you through the day isn’t going to cut it anymore. Research shows conclusively that sleep deprivation leads to a host of health issues. A better plan is to get at least seven hours of sleep a night if you want to slim down and feel better!


It really boils down to choosing a better path by being pro-active. We are powerful people and we can have a hand in how we let life play out, so rather than simply surviving, why not start making choices that actually lead us into a lifestyle of thriving!


To float aimlessly, tossed by wind and wave fearful of what may come or to hoist the sail, put the rudder in the water and chart a new course - the choice is ours…


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