Hey there! Glad to see you made it over this way. Since you’re here let me explain to you in a little more detail what got me to this point in my journey. However, before I do I need to come “clean” with you about something. The truth is I am a “recovered” S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) junkie. No, seriously! Let me explain…

My journey toward “food freedom” all started back in 2004 when I sold everything and moved to the island of Guanaja (off the north coast of Honduras) to go live among the islanders and be of service any way I could after they had been devastated by Hurricane Mitch. Well, as many of you are probably aware there is no shortage of tortillas, beans, rice, cheese, and fried “bread kind” (bananas, plantains, and yucca) available in Central American cuisine, so I was all in when it came to eating such local delicacies as baleadas, pastalitos, and tajaditas.

Well, about four years into my “no holds barred” approach to eating everything put in front of me that I hadn’t tried before (or hadn’t created myself) I started having trouble getting comfortable sleeping as old sports injuries that hadn’t bothered me in years started “talking” to me.

Fast forward to 2013 and I had finally hit my “wall” so to speak. Not only was I having to take anywhere between 600 to 800mg of ibuprofen to sleep through the night, but I was working out like a mad man and yet still looked like a couch potato? Fit but fat – talk about frustrating!



James Nelms at New Leaf Wholistic Health
Jim Nelms at New Leaf Wholistic Health
James Nelms at New Leaf Wholistic Health


Having finally grown “sick and tired of being sick and tired” I started researching online what in the world was going on with me and if there was anything I could do about it? Well, low and behold after many hours in front of a computer screen I stumbled across a blog called “Mark’s Daily Apple” that intrigued me. The reason being was not only did it talk about the how’s and why’s of certain foods not being good for you, but he stressed that just changing your diet alone will not be enough? No, this guy Mark also stressed the importance of incorporating the right kinds and right amounts of exercise, sleep, play, and sunlight into your daily routine to which I said, “What have I got to lose – I’m miserable and besides this guy is saying all I need to do is give him 21 days…”


So, in August of 2013 I went for it cutting out all those foods Mark said were bad for me (grains, beans, dairy, industrial oils, and sugar) and replacing it with plenty of veggies, nice cuts of meat, and fats such as lard, butter, and coconut oil. In addition, I cut back to working out to just two days a week, made sure I was getting at least seven hours sleep a night, and got out daily in the ocean to soak up some rays and play with the local kids.

Well, low and behold after three weeks I was almost completely pain-free and ended up dropping 15 pounds without even trying! Needless to say, I was sold – so sold that I continued on with the 21 day guidelines for another 2 months and ended up 30 pounds lighter from when I started when it was all said and done!


With my life back I was like “What’s next world?” and my question got answered shortly thereafter as my ailing father back in the States had finally reached a point where he needed help. The thing is how does a guy who has spent the last 10+ years of his life in a little fishing village of 1,000 people make the transition back to the hustle and bustle of life in the States? That’s when I had the epiphany of why not do what my passions and gifting are which have always revolved around sports (having played lacrosse in high school, college, and club ball), food (having worked in the food service industry off and on for 12 years), and serving others (having just spent the last 10 years of my life helping my islander friends). The good thing is having signed up for “Mark’s Daily Apple” I became aware of a program he was going to soon offer.


Therefore, in the fall of 2014 (in preparation for my return to the States) I enrolled in what was originally called “Primal Blueprint Expert Certification”. Things started off well enough, but then tragedy struck as I lost my mom in early 2015 and because of my dad’s state of health I traveled back and forth between the States and Honduras before I finally moved back in the early fall of 2015.


Needless to say, between moving in with my dad to care for him full time and readjusting to life in the States my studies got put on the back burner. In the meantime, I was looking for a way to incorporate what “Primal Blueprint” was teaching with some business and marketing “know how” and eventually ended up coming across the “Institute for Integrative Nutrition”, so I signed up for their program the beginning of 2016 as a means to bridge the information gap. As an added bonus, in addition to being brought up to speed on the latest business and marketing trends in health coaching I was also exposed to 100 different dietary theories as well as the concepts of “Primary Foods”, “Bio-Individuality”, “Crowding Out”, and “Deconstructing Cravings” so I was learned to quite a bit!

All this to say, I finally graduated from both programs in 2017! The cool thing is Mark’s program had transitioned from the “Primal Blueprint Expert” to the “Primal Health Coach” with the biggest difference being he had incorporated business and marketing concepts into the curriculum, so while the program got lengthened and expanded it ended up being all the better for me!

“So now what?” OK, so here’s the deal. Due to my health crisis and breakthrough at the ripe old age of 54 I feel like I can really be of service to other motivated guys struggling with many of the same issues I had come up against. In addition, because of living with and caring for my aging, ailing Dad (who I lost in May of 2017 after a long struggle with Parkinson’s Disease) I have a heart for walking with and helping this older population make better lifestyle choices while there’s still time…

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Live well,



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